Sunday, December 25, 2011


Hi. My name's Dan. I'm a student at Stevens Institute of Technology with a profound curiosity for the rigorous sciences: Logic, Mathematics, and Computer Science (and a slowly but surely incubating interest in Physics). I've never been much of a blogger before, but I've figured that I'll give it a try.

My intention is to use this blog as a sort of journal to record fascinating things that I learn, whether they be about set theory, C++, topology, automata theory, the history of twentieth century mathematics, Haskell, or whatever else piques my interest. I'll start things off by making a few posts about what I've been reading about over Winter break these past few days. The length of posts will certainly vary, and I'll try to make them accessible to those unfamiliar with the technical material (though in some cases I make no promises).

Also...Merry Christmas.