High 5 Casino Real Slots - Acting as Lead Game Developer at High 5 Games to develop infrastructure and content for our mobile slot casino application.
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Microsoft Solitaire Collection - Acted as a core gameplay developer while working at Arkadium, Inc. in New York, NY.
"Solitaire remains the most played computer game of all time, and for good reason. Simple rules and straightforward gameplay make it easy to pick up for everyone, from age 8 to age 80. Solitaire has been part of Windows for more than 20 years, and The Microsoft Solitaire Collection makes it the best experience to date with five different card games in one."

Pet Projects

DSe Engine - In the summer of 2010, I attempted to craft a 2D game engine using only the C Windows API, OpenGL, and OpenAL. In retrospect, the engine is guilty of several anti-patterns (God objects, etc), and a better understanding of linear algebra and the OpenGL pipeline would have done wonders at the time. Still, the project helped me to vastly improve my C++ skills, introduced me to the world of OpenGL, and taught me how to organize large projects. The Visual Studio solution includes a partial port of the first level of id Software's excellent 1990 DOS platformer, Commander Keen (which was also the first video game that I ever played).

Depixelization Demo - During the summer of 2011, I programmed a partial implementation of a pixel art vectorization algorithm described in a paper written by researchers Dr. Johannes Kopf of Microsoft Research and Professor Dani Lischinski of The Hebrew University. Here is an image showing a sample of the program's output, together with the original input image.

Current Projects

Computer Algebra System (2013) - I've recently begun creating the basis (no pun intended) for a computer algebra system which allows for the specification and manipulation of abstract rewriting systems, with the eventual goal of developing a prototype for a novel method of interacting with such systems. A reasonable amount of code is currently working, though it could use some optimization, and I haven't really begun work on the GUI part yet to see if it will be any good. I'll post code if this ever develops into anything interesting.

NEWe Engine (2013) - After studying abstract mathematics for the past two years or so, I'm ready to put my knowledge to work. I'm currently working on a from-scratch C+ game engine, which I intend to use for a side-project. Changes from my DSe engine include a more decoupled architecture, greater emphasis on support for concurrency, and a more general approach that will allow for the crafting of both 2D and 3D games. More on this to come.